Shisho Docs - 01/28/2022

We added some explanations about Shisho Cloud.

Shisho Cloud - 01/28/2022

We released a new registration wizard to improve the UX.

Shisho LP - 01/26/2022

We released "About Us" page. Hello, everyone ! :)

about us screenshot

Shisho LP - 01/21/2022

We updated some content with a new design.

Shisho Cloud - 01/21/2022

We released the new console UI.

Shisho Cloud - 01/18/2022

We released PR comment functions for GitLab and BitBucket.

Shisho Cloud - 01/14/2022

We added new rules for AWS, GCP and Azure.

Shisho Dojo - 12/18/2021

We launched SHisho Dojo.

Last Update: 01/28/2022